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Geriatric Care

Beacon Family Health Care

Board Certified Family Physicians located in Austin, TX

At Beacon Family Health Care, Erica Swegler, MD, provides consistent and reliable geriatric care to older adults suffering from one or more chronic diseases. Geriatric care treats more than just acute illness or chronic disease. It’s about building a trusting, long-lasting relationship with the team, and at Beacon Family Health Care, they offer preventive precautions, medical support, and treatment for patients and their family members. To schedule an appointment for geriatric care, call the Austin, Texas, office or book an appointment online today.

Geriatric Care Q & A

What is geriatric care?

Geriatric care diagnoses, manages, prevents, and improves diseases, acute illnesses, and disabilities in older adults. Normally reserved for adults 65 and older, geriatric care offers a trustworthy, consistent option to patients coping with more than one illness or issue.

People over 65 have the highest rate of hospital inpatient visits, and geriatric care provides long-term solutions that keep patients out of the hospital, healthy, and empowered to cope with any conditions while at home or with their family.

What does geriatric care include?

Geriatric care depends on each individual patient’s needs and what their specific conditions require. Treatment options at Beacon Family Health Care include:

  • Meetings with patients and caregivers to assess conditions
  • Help managing high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and other chronic diseases
  • Pain management, end-of-life care, and medical treatments
  • Planning medicine treatments, rehabilitation options, and other therapies
  • Hospitalization and assisted living options
  • Addressing emotional concerns and stress relief
  • Planning in-home treatment needs
  • Preventive care exams
  • Coordinating medical services across treatment centers

The goal of the Beacon Family Health Care team is to provide comprehensive and effective care and support for each patient.

What are the benefits of seeking geriatric care?

Continuity in care is very beneficial to elderly patients since they often live with more than one chronic illness or issue. Appointments with Beacon Family Health Care allows the team to always be up-to-date on a patient’s health history and needs.

Relationships with the patient’s family allow for consistency within any setting that the patient finds themselves in — a hospital, treatment center, or assisted living facility. Consistent care also builds trust with the patient, who can be assured that their doctor is always aware of their needs and desires.

If you or a family member is looking for geriatric care, reach out by phone or online to book an appointment with Beacon Family Health Care today.